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Silicone Sponge Roller/ Tube

Silicone Sponge Roller

Silicone Tubes and ExtrusionsSilicone sponge rollers find themselves ideally suited to use in places such as photocopiers and printers, as well as paper handling devices such as ATMs where a delicate touch may be required. Silicone sponge is a high versatile material that can operate in both extremes of temperature, with thermal stability covering a range of -50°C to 250°C. It features a low compression set typically less than 15%, which means that its cushioning properties recover and retain their shape well, and it has a great resistance against the kind of chemical and fluid hazards that you’re likely to come across in devices such as printers.

As with all of our products, our rollers are made from the same fine cellular structure and smooth closed cell outer skin combination that works so effectively, and we manufacture the sponge to four standard grades. Bespoke, more tailored options are available should you need them, as are our specialist grades. Silicone sponge rollers can be made as Fire Safe products and keep all the same qualities such as low toxicity to ensure maximum safety.


Specialist Roller Applications

Download our brochure for specialist roller applications






-50°C up to +250°C.



Our extensive expertise ensures that we can produce practically any shape or section size that you require. Our standard section sizes range from 2mm to 100mm.

Contact us with your design concept ideas and we will collaborate with you and draw upon our experience to develop your requirement into a workable product.



Silicone Tubes and ExtrusionsFrom our standard production range we produce sizes from 2mm up to 100mm. We can produce practically any profile shape and size.



Silicone Sponge is available in four standard grades; P10, P16, P24 and P33, which relates to the density per square foot, i.e. P16 = a density of 16lbs/ft².

As part of our Premium Service we can additionally offer tailored grades and specialist grades on request.



We provide a range of standard colours, black, red iron oxide, red, white, and grey and also offer colour matching based on your RAL, or other colour reference.

In addition we also offer self adhesive backing and fabric finished surfaces.


General Properties

Silicone Sponge is a cellular silicone material with a closed cell smooth outer surface, that is particularly suited to demanding temperature applications that require a soft compressible material.

Silicone sponge components offer excel-lent thermal stability in the most exacting of applications. It has the ability to withstand extreme variations in temperature from -50°C up to +250°C.

For general product information of our Silicone Sponge please refer to our General Grade Silicone Sponge Datasheet.


Silicone Tubes and Extrusions Datasheet

Download our Silicone Sponge Tube & Extrusions Product Datasheet.


Other Silicone Sponge Products


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Call our helpful team on 0044 (0) 1254 660544 for any information on silicone tubes and extrusions.

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