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Lighting and Electrical Enclosures

PremSilPremSil Silicone Sponge – The perfect sealing solution for lighting and electrical enclosures”

Silicone Sponge SealIn lighting and electrical enclosures it is essential that every product works perfectly together. If a gasket or seal fails hundreds of thousands of £s worth of sensitive equipment could be damaged. A good seal is needed to repel moisture and airborne particles, whilst operating consistently in varying temperatures. Primarily our product is used to keep out environmental hazards from lighting, electrical and HVAC enclosures.

Our PremSilPremSil product helps you specify a material to achieve a sustained life for the enclosure, which importantly reduces costly failures and also maintenance requirements. This is a particular benefit for equipment that may be costly to access and maintain.


The challenges of lighting and electrical enclosures:

Issue PremSilPremSil Solution
Water and dust ingress Low water absorption >5% (higher density grades >1%). Enclosures up to Ingress Protection IP 66 achieved with PremSil Silicone sponge and NEMA 4, 4X
Solar radiation (UV and IR) Excellent resistance and stability. Not prone to cracking or chalking
Oxygen/ozone Excellent resistance and stability
Corrosive gases Closed cell structure, closed outer skin protects the material
Mechanical stress/strain Low compression set means the material will maintain an effective seal over its life and even during extreme temperature variations. High movement capability.
High/Low Temperatures Ability to operate normally at the extremes of temperature from -50oC - +225oC (and specialist grades up to +280oC)
Maintaining an effective seal Used in applications up to IP 66 (Ingress Protection – see below)
Fire risk Low combustibility even when exposed to naked flame. UL 94 V0 grade available.
Discolouration Resistant to bacteria and fungi
Fogging Issues to lenses/covers. Seal material leeches volatiles at high temperatures Our products go through an extensive post curing to produce a low volatile product.
Electrical Insulation Has a high electrical resistivity and provides overall electrical insulation because of its high dielectric strength
Seal replacement Solid sponge strip is clean and easy to remove and a quick and simple operation to replace. We offer a pressure sensitive adhesive tape for quick application.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Typical Uses for Silicone Sponge Seal:

    Silicone Sponge Seal
  • Commercial and outdoor signage
  • Outdoor lighting and indoor lighting
  • Outdoor display screens
  • Meter boxes
  • Boiler enclosures
  • Electrical enclosures
  • HVAC units
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Hand held instruments

As technologies have developed in complexity so have the materials and components complementing them. PremSilPremSil has the properties to solve your sealing solution, with its resistance to the elements, its flexible sealing (low compression set) and its ability to operate in the extremes of temperature.


Ingress Protection/NEMA

PremSilPremSil is used commonly in enclosures to help achieve high ingress protection requirements. Enclosures are typically specified to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Ingress Protection (IP) rating or a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard. This helps engineers design enclosures to the required level of ingress protection.

PremSilPremSil has been used successfully in applications to achieve an ingress protection rating of up to IP66 which is typically equivalent to NEMA 4/4X and is generally defined as protection against airborne dust and pressurized jets of water.




-50°C up to +250°C.



PremSilPremSil Silicone Sponge is produced with a consistent closed cell structure giving it enhanced performance against the elements.


The Sealing Solution

PremSilPremSil Sponge has a silicone backbone. Compared to organic sealants and those with a carbon backbone such as Neoprene, it is more thermally stable and can operate over a higher range of temperatures.

It has an excellent resistance to heat aging and is much better at maintaining a good seal where continued high heat expansion and contraction occurs.

PremSil Sponge has a silicone backbone

The seals show excellent resistance to the effects of weathering; water, heat, UV light and ozone. Even after 20 years of outdoor weathering in sunny climates, silicone elastomers show comparatively little change in physical properties. It is one of the reasons why silicone is the preferred choice for a seal in external applications such as structural glazing and cladding to buildings.

One of the issues with using an elastomer as a seal is that fogging issues can be created. This is from volatiles leeching from the seal over time. At Premium Silicones we combat this issue by putting the product through a rigorous post curing process. This process, combined with our formulation that does not contain fillers, means that you get a premium quality silicone sponge with low volatiles. Beware - most manufacturers do not do this.

Its main limitations are low tensile properties and poor resistance to acids and alkalis and it is the reason why Silicone Sponge is preferred as a gasket, seal and O-Ring for fixed or low dynamic applications.

Contact Here for samples, a small batch run prototype for testing, or just any queries that you may have


Rely on Premium Silicone the specialists in Silicone Sponge:

We offer many benefits to you:

No Fillers – unlike many Silicone Sponge manufacturers we do not add fillers to our product formulation. This means that you get consistent quality silicone every time.

Post Curing – our products undergo a stringent post curing procedure and combined with our omission of fillers it means that our products demonstrate some of the lowest volatile levels in the industry.

Tolerances – PremSil can be produced to the tightest E1 (ISO 3302) tolerances to maximise sealing efficiency. We can consistently hold tight tolerance to ensure our product assists in achieving the correct ingress protection. Not just at the testing stage, but consistently through production and over the life of the product. Read more

Quality – Consistent quality produced to our ISO 9001 management system.

Adaptability - Any profile shape produced – got a challenging profile – odds are we can produce it for you. Our extrusion profile can be provided from 1mm up to 100mm in diameter/section.


Need more information? Datasheets here

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